It’s The Pin The Tail on Boehner Game!

Each game consists of a color poster approx. 29 inches wide by 20 inches high,
one blindfold and twelve tails
(each made from random, varied fabric).
Also some reusable adhesive putty is included to get the game rolling

and help preserve the poster.

$14.95 + $6.95 shipping & handling. 
Shipped USPS Priority mail in a sturdy mailing tube. If ordering more than 8 games please contact us
first for shipping cost.

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How This Came To Be

Facing the prospect of going into a fifth month since having lost my federal unemployment extension benefits with no job in sight, I was pondering the issue one night, of Congress repeatedly failing to come through on what is for over three million long-term unemployed in the U.S., a life altering and critical topic.  The Senate had just passed the vote to reinstate the benefits, however House Speaker John Boehner remained as adamant as ever in that he would block the issue from going to a vote.  How is it that this country manages to find the money for every “corner” of the globe and yet is ignoring the people in dire need in its own backyard? How un-American is that?

“This is Democracy?” I asked myself incredulously, where one man can so cavalierly and callously block a life-altering vote affecting millions of people, myself included. My thoughts meandered to what an ass this man was and in an irony that I would never have foretold in a million years, this business idea came to me, inadvertently inspired by the man himself, the current Speaker of the House, John Boehner, who has perpetuated the misery in the lives of so many, seemingly with such relish.

The thought of the ass sent me reminiscing to my childhood, when we played Pin The Tail On The Donkey and therein the idea was born. The design elements all cascaded in quick succession, symbolism after symbolism and I hope you like the result.  Lastly, I thought of the tails and the blindfolds and how, wherever possible, they would come from used, discarded clothing representing symbolically, the fabric of America.

My hope is that you will embrace this new version of an old game, revisit a simpler time, be carefree and have loads of fun with it – have Pin The Tail On Boehner parties, July 4th and beyond.  Your support of my initiative, funded on a shoestring by my 2013 state tax refund, would be greatly appreciated.  I was very blessed to have landed a job since I launched this and I calculated the cost to me personally of losing the federal unemployment extension benefits from December 28, 2013 up until I landed my job was $9,000 and that’s just me, there are millions of others.  That’s money that’s not going into our economy and not helping the long-term unemployed and their dependents get by.

These unique games, while labor intensive to make, are a labor of love.  My thoughts for all those who remain unemployed and are struggling each day are ever present. I hope that our government will finally rise to the occasion, ease the suffering and do the right thing by passing the federal unemployment extension benefits.  To those who remain unemployed, I say, keep the faith and the positive thoughts, hard as it may be and will into existence brighter days ahead.  You can turn your life around – I did it and so can you.  My heartfelt thanks to you.  Peace, love and blessings.

My deepest thanks and gratitude to the wonderfully talented artist, Edward Pollick who did such a tremendous job bringing my vision to life and was an absolute pleasure to work with.